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Hard Disk Recovery

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Hard Disk Recovery

Hard drives may stop to work at any point of time and leave you in a worst situation with all your data lost. Usually the first thought which comes to an individual mind when he comes to know that his drive is now corrupt, that the data in the drive is now lost forever. But this assumption is wrong as the damaged drive can be repaired and the data can be retrieved which automatically gets stored in sectors of the hard drive.

Your hard drive has failed if you hear clicking, clunking, tapping, ticking or scrapping noises or no noise from your hard drive. This is the time when you need to have hard drive recovery services for your damaged hard drive.

Hard drive damage can occur due to two reasons:

Recovery of data from the Physical Crashes is most difficult to retrieve, mainly caused due to overheating, flood-fire disasters, shocks and abuse, ESD and server head crashes. Physical data recovery is required when there is physical problem with the media or it becomes difficult to get back the key files and information. 

Logical Crashes occur due to partition loss, bad sectors in the drive, accidental formatting – file deletion, virus attacks, corrupt file systems or components and many more reasons.

It may be possible that you are unable to recognize the hard drive failure, the possible reasons which lead to hard drive crash are - the drive is not detected by the BIOS, clicking noise from the Samsung, Seagate, Western digital etc drives, Wrong detection in BIOS like Maxtor drive gets detected as N4OP, Romulus, Athena, C64k etc. 

Our specialized data recovery technicians can successfully repair corrupt hard disks damaged due to hard disk component failure, contaminated media surface, S.M.A.R.T failures. We are professional data recovery service providers for all the standard desktop hard disk drives, laptops and SCSI disk drives. With years of hands on experience in hard drive repair and data recovery we position ourselves as the providers of best services to our valuable customers.

WE DO NOT CHARGE if we are unable to recover anything or cannot help you to repair your hard drive. We offer FREE consultation services to inform and make you aware of the possibilities of data recovery, price quotation and recovery process related to the recovery of your hard drive.

We specialize in recovery of the Seagate, Samsung, Quantum, Maxtor, Western Digital and Fujistu hard disk drives.






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