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Password Recovery Services

We Help You to

  • Recover passwords of Access Database files
  • Recover passwords of VBA
  • Recover passwords for SQL Database
  • Recover password for your Mail Clients such as MS Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Recover passwords for Exchange Server

Password Recovery

Have you ever been in or faced any of these situations:

      Forgot/lost your password
      Password changed and you are not able to remember the new password
      Password not working
      Someone else has blocked your files without giving you the new password

These are some of the most common situations which very often leave you and your company in a serious problem.

In fact, there is tendency of losing or forgetting the password assigned to a document. The reason could vary from one individual to another. However, the problem is whenever such issue arises very often you are not able to find any source through which you can access that document. In fact, "Password is incorrect" message keeps on haunting you again and again and every hope of getting back your document gets in vain.

Usually, Exchange servers, Lotus notes, databases (Access, VBA, SQL) are password protected by the companies for secured access. Facing any situation where you lose or forget password of these applications result in severe server losses. Hundreds and thousands of password protected files have to be deleted or damaged because you believe that the password cannot be recovered. In recent times, many companies have suffered major losses due to such assumption.

We offer professional password recovery services and help you recover lost and forgotten passwords of Access, SQL, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, VBA, MSN Hotmail and Internet Explorer cached passwords. Passwords of these applications are successfully repaired by our data recovery technicians. It doesn't matter whether you are looking to multilingual password(s), we can help you recover those multilingual password(s) regardless of its length and complexity.

Our Password Recovery Process:

We offer you quick, versatile, powerful and reliable password recovery services.

  1. If you have lost/forgot the password of any particular file or email account, send us details of the password protected file by filling up the form.
  2. As soon as we receive the complete form, immediately you acquire details about sending the file.
  3. We will then analyze the file and send you the complete recovery report without wasting time along with the price quotation.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the results make the payment and receive the unprotected file.






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