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Physically Crashed Hard Disk Recovery

We help you to

  • Recover your data from crashed hard disk which make clicking sound
  • Recover you data from Hard disk with damaged or burnt logic card
  • Recover your data from Hard disk with broken spindle and heads
  • Recover your data if your computer won't boot.

Physical Data Recovery Services

Physical Data Recovery covers recovery of any type of media that has been damaged from:

  • Shock or abuses
  • Power surge
  • Internal failures
  • Fire or water damages
  • Damaged platters and
  • Damaged logic cards
  • accidently shutdown

Generally, the Clicking, Ticking, Whirring or Clunking noises coming from the hard drive or in some cases No noise at all (the drive isn't spinning) are the signs of physical failure of the hard drive or disk data.

From physically damaged storage media, you will often get error messages like:

  • "Disk Read Error"
  • "No Operating System Found"
  • "Drive Not Found"

The above signs are very much same for any type of hard drive whether it's a drive from a RAID array, SCSI, a typical desktop or laptop drive and even micro drives.

Data Recovery Delhi can help you or your company to retrieve your data back from the physically damaged storage media(s). If you find that your hard drive have some problem or not working properly then without getting delayed, shut down the system and don't try to reboot it or power it up again. This may cause more extensive data loss or even permanent data loss.

Send the corrupt disk to our data recovery labs, our highly qualified data recovery technicians will employ every measure to safely get back your valuable data.

If caught in time and properly handled, the drive can be temporarily repaired if your drive is burnt, Logic card gets damaged or due to any other insignificant reason(s). We then restore and rewrite the data back into your files.

Contact Us if you hear any odd sounds or no sound at all coming from your media.

We DO NOT CHARGE if we are unable to recover your data. We offer FREE consultation services to solve your queries related to the data recovery procedure and quotation prices.




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