Data Recovery Delhi

Data Recovery Services for Delhi and near by areas

Data Recovery Delhi

We Help You to

  • Recover deleted files and lost data from crashed hard drives
  • Recover data from corrupt files
  • Recover your corrupt or lost Emails
  • Recover your corrupt Backup Files
  • Recover your corrupt Servers
  • Recover your corrupt Databases
  • Recover your lost passwords

Shipping Instructions

While you ship any kind of storage media to us for performing the data recovery process, make sure that your media is carefully packaged. A proper packaging is must in order to avoid any damage during the transit.

Perhaps, here are few vital steps that we recommend to follow before you ship your storage media.

  • Make sure you place the corrupt disk/drive in an anti-static bag
  • After that wrap it with foam, bubble or any anti-shock material. This kind of packing proves very effective because it doesn't allow the media to move or get damaged during the transportation
  • Once you have completed your packaging, next you should pack it in a hard cardboard box
  • Make sure you include the completely filled 'Data Recovery Form' along with the cardboard box
  • Seal the box
  • Send the disk at our "Data Recovery Delhi Services Lab"
  • Finally, we highly appreciate if you could inform us through email providing the courier company's details and the document number








Start Recovery Start a recovery

Start your recovery process by downloading printable recovery form. To Download the recovery form click here.

Shipping Info

We also refer you to the guidelines as how to ship your media. To know the guidelines of shipping and packaging click here.

Recovery Process Recovery Process

We at our Data Recovery Labs perform several steps to recover you data. To know the whole recovery process click here.